Release Potential

Accelerate Engineering Change

The engineering change management process is perceived in many companies to be a lengthy bureaucratic process. BoostPLM has developed a framework for vitalizing a LEAN Engineering Change process, that ensures that new products, or changes are executed in the most effective way across Engineering and Operations. The framework enables concurrent work across engineering and operations, but it is always adapted to the individual company’s operating model. The framework is scalable and can be introduced in small steps at the pace of the organisation.


Accelerate BOM preparation

BoostPLM can offer a powerful integration between Windchill and SAP, that ensures that BOM’s are always in sync. We call the solution a BOM Accelerator since it support gradually building of the BOM. Release for supply chain is controlled by customized standard engineering change management functionality in Windchill and SAP. We have experienced that this reduce BOM errors by 80% compared to manual processes. Unlike other integrations, the solution can gradually be implemented and will in itself improve information consistency across the two systems.
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