See Potential

Can you recognise one or more of the following statements?
  • Competition is increasing
  • Time-to-market is vital
  • Documentation of your product is becoming more important
  • Release of new products are straining the organisation to it’s maximum
  • Delayed Product launches
If you can, you may have to look at the processes between engineering and operations.
Concurrent Engineering, Design for X, Product Life-cycle Management (PLM) and Engineering Change Management (ECM) has been around for decades. Yet most companies works in a very sequential process where engineering completes the design before the supply chain start pre-paration. As a consequence many companies experience that the development and implemen-tation of new products in the supply chain is proceeding far from optimal.
Some of the most critical symptoms are:
  • Delays
  • Late error correction or rework
  • Little time for preparing the optimal supply chain
But even if you do not experience this, the potential are immense:
  • 80% reduction of errors in master data by automating maintenance of Bill of Materials
  • 20% reduction in purchase cost prices due to qualifying suppliers earlier
  • Months of reduction in time-to-market
  • 80% increased productivity on certain time-consuming tasks
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