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Optimize your PLM for the future

Through clear strategy, better processes, and connected systems.

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For the CxO

Most companies on the journey  Industry 4.0 realise that the foundation in terms of high master data quality and solid processes is missing.

A strategy for Industry 4.0 therefore needs also to closing these gabs.

Lean from our Business Consultants  what the Strategy must enclude and how to prepare the foundation.

We believe that most industrial companies with R&D departments have untapped potential for boosting the collaboration and exchange of information between engineering and operations. Releasing this potential will drive down time-to-market, improve quality, reduce cost and improve competitiveness.

For the Manager

Industrial IoT, Augmented Reality in manufacturing or service and a Digital Twin all requires a solid foundation of  a Digital Thread.

Creating your products Digital Thread requires understanding the overall challenges in industrial engineering and supply chain across the entire business organisation’s processes and systems.

Developing a digital thread/digital twin to ensure that the right data move through all the various systems will help every aspect of the organisation, be it :

  • Product Life-cycle Management (PLM),
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP),
  • Service Lifecycle Management (SLM), or
  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).
Learn from our Business Consultants and Technical  Specialists how Processes and Systems can be improved.

For the Specialist

Connecting specialised systems to cater a seamless processes requires deep technical insight as well as understanding of the processes.

BoostPLM has deep tecnical expertise in terms of Windchill, SAP, ThingWorx and integration.

We are a member of the SAP PartnerEdge open ecosystem Service Integration Partner with PTC.

Our consultants can work with your organisation to get the necessary digital infrastructure up and running.

Furthermore, we provide standardised RPA solutions to enable you to automate PLM processes effectively.

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Computer Science sponsors

Matroska Sponsors

At BoostPLM, we have sponsored two movie nights for the Computer Science film club Matroska, which hosts cozy film events for computer science students at

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Besøg på Maserati

I forbindelse med en kundeworkshop i Italien fik vi mulighed for at besøge Maseratis fabrik i Modena og se de topmoderne produktionsfaciliteter.

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Annual report published

We are pleased to announce that our annual report for the year 2023 is now published at Highlights can be viewed at The

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