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Utilizing microservices to compare BOMs

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In this blog post, our student programmer Christian describes one of the tasks he is working on at the moment

Currently, we are developing a distributed system utilizing microservices to compare BOMs received from various PLM systems, such as Windchill. This is achieved through interfaces that convert the BOMs to a universal format. This is then used in the BOM compare application to identify and highlight any differences in the BOM lines to the user. This allows for an efficient overview of variations between BOMs.

By converting the BOM to a one-layer dictionary, the comparison can easily be done as there can only be one occurrence of each BOM line. If the ID exists in the other BOM dictionary, we compare other parameters such as measurement and attributes and append the mismatch list with the parameters that differ from the other BOM. Else if the ID doesn’t exist, we append the entire BOM line to the mismatch list.

The mismatch list created is outputted when the comparison is done. Hereby, creating a view for the user to see which BOM lines are different between the two BOMs.

Try out our BOM Compare Tool here

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