What is the foundation for Document Management? (Video)

Good Document Management Systems require the right people behaviour, governance & ownership, classification & attributes and last but not least workflows. In this video Peter á Porta will take you through this foundation.
Estimated reading time: 25 min

Watch the video where Peter á Porta introduce the foundation for Document Management Systems (DMS).

This is a recording from a webinar given to PTC NordicTalks 12MAR2021.

Do you have questions? Then you may take a look a our article Is Windchill Document Management only for Engineering? or contact us.


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About the Author

Peter à Porta

Peter à Porta

With long experience in both supply chain and R&D in different companies, Peter has insight into all the processes in modern product development and roll-out. Peter has for a decade been working with LEAN on shopfloor and Modular Product design in R&D. This experience is a part of his bag of methods when clients needs rethink administrative PLM processes. This is supported by his profound knowledge about Windchill and SAP functionalities. Mail: Peter.Porta@BoostPLM.com Tel: +4551703655

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