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New certifications within RPA!

Consultants Peter à Porta and Nicoline Sørensen have received a new certification from Robocorp within RPA – Robotic Process Automation.

At BoostPLM, we are always eager to learn more. It is important for us to keep up with new technologies, trends and opportunities within PLM. One of the ways in which we do this is by continuously improving our skills within RPA. The New certifications within RPA is Peter and Nicoline’s third certificate from Robocorp. We congratulate them on their certificates and look forward to seeing them show off their improved RPA skills when developing great softwarebots for our clients.


New certifications within RPA


At the course ‘RPA certification level III: Work data management’, Peter and Nicoline have obtained advanced knowledge within RPA.

New certifications within RPA

  • Automate a process where the target systems don’t have a graphical user interface. No web browsers this time!
  • Structure your robot using the producer-consumer pattern. Your robot will produce business data from raw input data and then consume that data in small chunks – work items.
  • Split your robot code into multiple logical pieces instead of a single, long wall-of-code. Better readability. Easier maintenance! Although religious wars have been started over coding practices!
    (ours is the right and only way)
  • Refactor your code constantly to keep it tidy and maintainable when it evolves.
  • Extract, Transform, Load – (ETL) business data.
  • Validate business data and handle business data exceptions using work items.
  • Communicate with an (HTTP) API and handle the responses.
  • Handle application exceptions using work items.
  • Manage work data in Control Rooms



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