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New Senior Business Consultant at BoostPLM – Chresten Knudsen

Once again, we are thrilled to announce that we are expanding our team. Chresten Palmelund Knudsen enters as our new senior business consultant at BoostPLM.

Chresten has many years of experience and is highly skilled within the PLM area. Chresten’s previous activities have all been related to the sales process. Here, he has been covering the technical capabilities of the product to be sold seen in the perspective of the requirements from the customer. With his experience and knowledge, Chresten’s insights are a great addition to our team and competencies.

Chresten has more than 18 years of experience in Business Development work. All related to the Windchill product line and the enterprise search tool Goldfire. Furthermore, he has 15 years of experience working with various CAM systems in context of product presentation and system implementation.

We have already had the pleasure of our new colleague, Chresten, company at the office, and we are all looking forward to continue working with him.


New Senior Business Consultant at BoostPLM- Chresten Knudsen

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