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Erik Løber

Intelligent Part Numbers

Do you have “Intelligent” Part Numbers? The question whether Material Numbers should be random or intelligent is in many companies dividing people. Learn about the pro’s and con’s and make an informed decision.

Kim Hald Kristensen

Improve Search Performance in SAP by TRex

Many SAP users experience long waiting times or time-outs when searching for Materials using classification and characteristics.
Learn in this article how to improve performance.

Zeljko Ratkaj

Passing the information from Windchill to embedded ThingWorx mashup

In previous article ”How to embed ThingWorx Mashups in Windchill” we covered the basics of the integration process. Now we are going one step further. In this article we will learn how Windchill platform and our embedded ThingWorx mashup can communicate and exchange information.

Kim Hald Kristensen

Translate and automate Part Names by attributes

Do you spend a lot of time to ensure consistent part names and to translate the names to multiple languages?
In this article we will show how this can be automated based on classification.

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