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Technical expertise to connect your PLM across your value-chain. Future-proof your PLM System.

PLM Technology

Bridge Engineering and Operations

Connecting PLM is about managing all information of a product’s entire lifecycle – from design, to sales, manufacturing, operation, service and decommissioning. This involves many different roles with different views, mindsets and systems.

No software today covers the entire product lifecycle, but many systems together enables the different parties to be in control of the product and act professional. However, new technologies like Industry 4.0 and IOT increase the bar for digitalization and seamless data streams

Engineering and Operations are usually two very separate entities, and most people only work in either PDM or in ERP. Accordingly, it can be difficult to get the two sides to share know-how and information.

To build seamless integrations of specialized systems like PDM and ERP, systems requires deep technical insight and an advanced understanding of the processes involved on both sides.

At BoostPLM we have a profound understanding of PDM, ERP, MES and IOT in general and have customers with many different systems. In some systems we directly support our clients with technical configurations, in others we work closely together with the primary software vendors.

Robot Process Automation

Conventional Integration of systems requires deep technical competences and involves technologies like REST and SOAP to interact directly with the APIs. These competences are scarce and expensive.

A new wave is now rolling – to use robot process automation (RPA) tools to integrate the systems without customization. This requires less technical insight since it basically mimic a user’s interaction with the system.

We are strong in RPA technology and can integrate many different systems – also cloud-based systems.

BoostPLM's technical expertise in PLM

We have internal and highly specialized PLM expertise in SAP, Windchill, Creo and ThingWorx. Our experts from time to time share their knowledge on our blog.

If you have these systems we can configure and customise these systems to your needs. This allows you to harvest the full potential of your IT investment.

We will stay with you until everything is up and running, and we will make sure that your employees are informed and understand what it is we are trying to achieve. We are passionate about building digital coherence and seeing our clients reap the benefits of proper digital integration.

We are based in Aarhus, Denmark, and are available to assist you in your timezone, and will work with you where you are, whenever needed.


We are a member of the SAP PartnerEdge open ecosystem, Service Integration Partner with PTC and are committed to sharing our knowledge.



We work with all classic PLM elements like Documents, Materials, BOM’s, change master and workflows.

Master your product


We do Configuration and Customization of Windchill environments especially designing workflows 

Join Information

ThingWorx Navigate

We use ThingWorx Navigate to provide intuitive interfaces joining data from Windchill, SAP and other sources.


Faster, Cheaper, Smarter, Easier

PLM Interfaces Delivered

Connect Your PLM Across Divisions, Databases, Interfaces and Systems. 

Integrate Windchill & SAP

We are a member of the SAP PartnerEdge open ecosystem, Service Integration Partner with PTC, and are committed to sharing our knowledge. Please visit our BoostPLM Blog through the top menu to access our resources and share your experiences with the PLM community.

Find the right material across SAP & Windchill

We can make your search more effective by letting you search several applications at once.

Make informed Decisions with ThingWorx Navigate

Do you want to make better decisions?

If so, ThingWorx Navigate can help you access the relevant information as and when you need it.

Automate Processes

Do you want to reduce cumbersome work using material classification and artificial intelligence (AI)?​

Got a technical challenge?

Contact us to discuss. We are happy to share our knowledge and discuss your opportunities.

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