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PLM Strategy

What can Industry 4.0 do for You? Get your PLM Industry 4.0 strategy ready.

BoostPLM consultants developing industry 4.0 and digitization strategy

The possibilities

Industry 4.0 describes a world where businesses take full advantage of the technological possibilities offered by digitalization. 

Though Industry 4.0 may sound like just another buzzword, this fourth industrial revolution is set to completely change the world of manufacturing through real-time, accurate reports on products. 

Industry 4.0 will facilitate innovation, improve time-to-market and give new insight into every aspect of the PLM through better data and analytics. For once, the hype is merited.

Modularization and standardisation will be much easier within an Industry 4.0 framework. Moreover, a company that knows exactly what it is producing, sourcing and delivering – and can track every detail digitally and with ease – will be ideally placed to service its products and understand how to improve them. 

As an organisation reaches digital maturity, its business models might develop along the way; some companies might even choose to switch from selling products to providing a service.

Get the right data

Through the Internet of Things (IoT), companies can follow their products post-sale and get feedback on how the products are used in real-time. This will give a digitally mature business every chance to optimize, cut costs and make more agile adaptations and innovative products along the way. 

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), the collected data can be interpreted in new ways and Augmented Reality (AR) will enable some companies to compete for entirely new types of business.  

Underlying every possibility within Industry 4.0 is the seamless collection of reliable data across the divisions. Getting this right is a challenge which involves people, systems, data quality and processes. If one fails, all fail, but get it right, and your company will be in a position to reap the benefits of the biggest industrial upheaval since the invention of the computer..

The Future is Here

BoostPLM and Your Digital Maturity

BoostPLM consultants discussing industry 4.0 strategy

Starting Your Industry 4.0 Journey

To successfully participate in the Industry 4.0 revolution, your company needs to know what it wants its future operation to look like, and what operational and digital infrastructure it needs to get there. 

BoostPLM can help your company develop a coherent Industry 4.0 strategy and assist with the development and implementation of the necessary infrastructure.

It is not always obvious what the possibilities are or how to proceed with digitalization. It’s not a ‘one-powerpoint-presentation-fits-all’ issue, and the key thing is to find those options that can be implemented within your time-frame and allocated budget.

Perfecting Your Industry 4.0 Strategy

If your company already has an Industry 4.0 vision and an accompanying strategy, we can help identify the optimal digital and operational infrastructure and make sure it is implemented to support your company’s products and services. 

We can take you from current state analysis to digital maturity; from reacting to the market to anticipating it.

We prefer to stay involved until the job is done and your new system is up and running; until you and your organisation feel properly prepared for the next level of innovation.

Select a Consultant

Why Choose BoostPLM?

We have specialists with Industry 4.0 strategy experience and we understand what the different divisions in your company are looking for in a PLM system. 

Our business is to make sure that your company is taking advantage of the digital opportunities waiting at the next level.

If you need a realistic and ambitious strategy, which will work everywhere within the organisation and deliver on the future possibilities, then BoostPLM could be the right partner for you on your Industry 4.0 journey.

Starting the Industry 4.0 journey

Get in contact and let us talk you through the Industry 4.0 possibilities and help develop a realistic and relevant Industry 4.0 strategy

Reaching digital maturity

If you’ve got an Industry 4.0 strategy in place, BoostPLM can help you implement it. 

We follow the PLM provider industry closely and can advise on the best solutions for your company

See how we have helped customers

Case Stories



See how we helped TERMA develop a digital strategy and build their PLM and IOT Roadmap.

"Through working with BoostPLM, we discovered what was important to us in terms of technology going forward and we were able to tell PLM- and software providers exactly what we were looking for."

The Future is Here

What Else Can We Do For You?

PLM Assessment

Do you need a comprehensive overview of your PLM Industry 4.0 maturity?

Digital Strategy for PLM & IoT

We can provide you with a roadmap that tells you where you need to get to and where to begin.​

Engineering Change Management

Do you want to control and drive product changes across the entire value chain from initial request to completed implementation?​

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