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We support industrial companies in bridging Engineering and Operations. We do this through an end-to-end process framework and IT solutions that integrate across business units and PLM systems.

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Your potential

As PLM consultants, we think that most discrete R&D-based manufacturers have massive potential for boosting the collaboration and exchange of information between Engineering and Operations.

Our dedication

We are focused on supporting and improving IoT and PLM across Engineering and Operations.

Our specialised PLM consultants have experience across Operations and Engineering, and we understand how different divisions have different needs.

At BoostPLM, we know how to deliver a realistic and ambitious strategy which will work for everybody.

BoostPLM consultants developing industry 4.0 and digitization strategy

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Meet Our Team

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Erik Løber

Managing Director
Senior Business Consultant

Our PLM Approach

To Succesfully Improve Your Product Lifecycle Management and Your Business

How we work with PLM and Industry 4.0 (smart industry)

How we Work

At BoostPLM, we work alongside you as Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) consultants. Once there is a clear vision for PLM and Industry 4.0 – and an understanding of what is needed to achieve it – we will deliver by working within your framework, using your planning tools and keeping to your schedules.

We have senior specialists with experience across Engineering and Operations and understand the necessity of being able to address the needs across the different divisions in your company.

Visit our consultants’ pages to learn more about our team. You can also visit our blog to read PLM and industry 4.0 articles written by our consultants. 

Our commitment

The world is changing, the focus of your organisation will evolve, and your strategy will have to adapt along the way.

BoostPLM will work alongside you to ensure that your PLM and Industry 4.0 solution suit your company’s changing needs.

PLM approach


Organisational Change

and Succeed through Product Lifecycle Management

Manage change

Releasing the potential within PLM and Industry 4.0 in a manufacturing company requires a complex change of processes, systems and behaviour.


Small, continuous improvements yield better and more sustainable results than large leaps. Incremental agile improvements also provide high value to the business.


Irrespective of whether the changes are small or large, changing the way an organisation works takes time and requires a sustained effort.


Employees at every level have to buy-in and adapt to the new system, and with a concerted effort to get everybody on to the same page, the results will be clear for all to see.


We strive to make sure that everyone involved get a comprehensive understanding of why change is happening and how it will affect them.

Step by step

A simple explanation of what needs to happen in a changing organisation was developed by Kurt Lewin more than 80 years ago and is known as the Unfreeze – Change – Refreeze model.


Lewin used the analogy of changing the shape of a block of ice from a cube to a cone: The only way to get a cone from a block of ice is to melt the ice, pour the resulting water into a cone-shaped mould and then refreeze the water.


Looking at change as a process with distinct steps has proven useful. However, we believe in the magic of many small steps rather than giant leaps because small steps make it easier for people to accommodate the changes and to adapt the process along the way. 

That’s why our Lewin model is a loop (see below).

Take it step by step, and repeat

The Iterations of Change

For each step in our agile process we focus on four main elements: Data, Process, Behaviour and System. 

As we see it, these are the foundation for Product Lifecycle Management and Industry 4.0 development.


Any organisation in need of a substantial change must first accept that this change is necessary.

This is easier if the organisation is already challenged by the market, and much harder if the status quo seems to be working well.

Most people don’t like change, and some won’t benefit from it. That’s why the case for change has to be made properly.


During the time of change, the organisation will be in a state of crisis: Nothing is easy, and nothing feels certain. Everyone needs to be informed and involved to keep the momentum going.


Once the changes are successfully implemented, it is time to refreeze. 

This will show that the changes are final and can be trusted. The refreeze re-introduces stability and structure.


Cleansing and adding the right, high-quality data is vital to succeed. 

If data quality is low, or if people struggle to locate the right data, it is unlikely that employees will use the system as intended.


People are not machines, and if someone has been doing something that has worked well for years, they may not feel the need to change it – or they may not agree with the changes.

In our experience, people often trust undercover Excel-sheets and Access databases (that are not visible in any process diagram) more than the official systems.  

This is why it is essential to address behaviour to make sure that you get the full benefit of changing the system. 

We will get your employees on board with the change to ensure that everything is implemented and the new workflow is established properly.

Working with PLM


Usually, the first step is to map existing processes and information flows. To do this, we talk to everyone, including people on the floor, to make sure we know what people need in terms of information and software to do their job.

Following on, we draft the new streamlined process using a minimum of handovers and automating the information flow as much as possible.

Then roles and responsibilities are mapped out, and this may suggest changes to the organisational structures requiring management buy-in.


Alongside the drafting of the process, we configure the necessary IT systems. 

Obviously, we will use the systems out-of-box when possible,  but many systems have been designed for simple use and with little focus on efficiency. 

Often, it is comparatively easy to custom-make a configuration to improve efficiency dramatically. We do that in-house.

Stronger Together

Our Partners

We often use leading technologies from the following providers:

BoostPLM are “Integration Service Partner” and mainly work with:

Windchill is the leading PLM Platform for Descrete Manufacturing according to Forrester (November 2017) and Frost & Sullivan (August 2019).

We especially work with:

  • Product Configuration
  • Workflows
  • MPMLink

ThingWorx is according to Gartner (2019) the leader of Industrial IoT Platforms.

.We especially work with:

  • ThingWorx Navigate (Windchill user interface)
  • ThinkWorx Operators Advisor

BoostPLM are part of the PartnerEdge program and mainly work with:

R/3 (ECC 6.0)


We work with the following:

  • Document Management System (DMS)
  • Engineering Change Management (ECM)
  • Enterprise Search (TRex)
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • Master Data Governance (MDG)

These year many companies are planning a upgrade to S/4 HANA. We are obviously also supporting this.

Lean-On A/S is one of Europe’s leading providers of Cloud Solutions for high-performance virtual desktops (VDI) and cloud computing for CAD and HPC.

Enabling users to utilize the full potential of their industrial applications, they provide the market’s best performing VDI services and user experience, seamlessly integrated into a high-performance cloud platform, designed for engineers and companies with high-demanding users and global needs.

RoboCorp is one of the fastest growing RPA platforms.
BoostPLM are certified partners and build PLM automations based on Robocorp.

PDF Generation, Stamping, supplier documentation collaboration and control.


Mercura specialize in making online configurators in 2D and 3D for industrial companies.

It is a SaaS product which is continuously developed and maintained, and where all our customers run on the same configuration engine behind the scenes.

Our core competencies lie within 3D visualizations in the browser, and thus it is perfectly suited as a sales tool.

Our Clients

R&D-based Discrete Manufacturers

How can we help you?

At BoostPLM, we are always open for a conversation about your business and PLM processes.

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